About Cafe Devine

Cafe Devine, LLC is a new venture from Patti Devine, founder of the restaurant Cafe Devine which was located in upstate New York from 2009-2015.

The company seeks to transform the way communities shop, cook and eat using data-driven models to support meal preparation.

What this means to communities

Building on decades of food service, restaurant ownership, and work in the global food industry, Patti Devine has developed a data-driven food education platform.

By surveying the needs of the home cook around their dietary needs, food and texture preferences, culture and heritage, and including techniques that support success with disabilities and motor and cognitive limitations, Cafe Devine provides customized recipes that will help communities feed themselves, their families and their pets healthy and health-focused food.


Why this matters

Over the last few decades corporate retailers have proliferated and small community and neighborhood markets have closed.

At the same time extended families have become far flung by globalization and their aging relatives remain in their home communities.

Many people are living with disabilities, but not considered “disabled” and therefore eligible for benefits. These can be considered “invisible disabilities”.

A significant increase in plastic packaging and safety seals leaves those with arthritis and other small motor issues struggling.

An aging population lives in northeastern and rust belt communities without family support and who can’t or shouldn’t be driving.

Fewer and fewer families dine together, the fast food industry is thriving, and with the introduction of “fast casual” food, more heads of household feel better about getting takeout.

What you can do to help

Are people you care about struggling with their health, weight, physical limitations, mental wellness, or cognitive limitations?

Do you wish you had more time to spend supporting your family and home community, but work gets in the way?

Are you like many who have a strained relationship with your loved ones, but still want to support them from afar?

Did the pandemic make you realize how precious family is, and how painful loss and grief can be?

A photo of an elderly couple cooking.

There is a way to help.

By donating to Cafe Devine, you’ll get an organization off the ground in Saco, Maine and help us scale to a national rollout that can include a small town you love.

In our initial phase, we’ll be making videos and uploading content for the recipe book.

Phase II will include the rollout of The Camper Kitchen, a mobile food education unit.